CL Sutherell, C Tallant, OP Monteiro, C Yapp, JE Fuchs, O Fedorov, P Siejka, S Müller, S Knapp, JD Brenton, PE Brennan, SV Ley
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J Med Chem
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Bromodomain containing proteins PB1, SMARCA4, and SMARCA2 are important components of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes. We identified bromodomain inhibitors that target these proteins and display unusual binding modes involving water displacement from the KAc binding site. The best compound binds the fifth bromodomain of PB1 with a KD of 124 nM, SMARCA2B and SMARCA4 with KD values of 262 and 417 nM, respectively, and displays excellent selectivity over bromodomains other than PB1, SMARCA2, and SMARCA4.
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Brenton Group
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26 May 2016
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James Brenton