JS Carroll, CA Meyer, J Song, W Li, TR Geistlinger, J Eeckhoute, AS Brodsky, EK Keeton, KC Fertuck, GF Hall, Q Wang, S Bekiranov, V Sementchenko, EA Fox, PA Silver, TR Gingeras, XS Liu, M Brown
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Nat Genet
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The estrogen receptor is the master transcriptional regulator of breast cancer phenotype and the archetype of a molecular therapeutic target. We mapped all estrogen receptor and RNA polymerase II binding sites on a genome-wide scale, identifying the authentic cis binding sites and target genes, in breast cancer cells. Combining this unique resource with gene expression data demonstrates distinct temporal mechanisms of estrogen-mediated gene regulation, particularly in the case of estrogen-suppressed genes. Furthermore, this resource has allowed the identification of cis-regulatory sites in previously unexplored regions of the genome and the cooperating transcription factors underlying estrogen signaling in breast cancer.
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Carroll Group
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01 Nov 2006
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