RN LePage, AJ Fosang, SJ Fuller, G Murphy, G Evin, K Beyreuther, CL Masters, DH Small
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The ability of the 72 kDa gelatinase A to cleave the amyloid protein precursor (APP) was investigated. HeLa cells were transfected with an APP695 plasmid. The cells were incubated with gelatinase A, which cleaved the 110 kDa cell-surface APP, releasing a 100 kDa form of the protein. A peptide homologous to the beta-secretase site was cleaved by gelatinase A adjacent to a glutamate residue at position -3 (beta A4 numbering system). A peptide homologous to the alpha-secretase site was not cleaved. The results demonstrate that 72 kDa gelatinase A is not an alpha-secretase, but that it may have a beta-secretase activity.
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30 Nov 1995
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