G Buonincontri, C Methner, T Krieg, TA Carpenter, SJ Sawiak
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NMR Biomed
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In vivo assessment of heart function in mice is important for basic and translational research in cardiology. MRI is an accurate tool for the investigation of the anatomy and function in the preclinical setting; however, the long scan duration limits its usage. We aimed to reduce the acquisition time of cine MRI to 1 min. We employed spatiotemporal compressed sensing and parallel imaging to accelerate retrospectively gated cine MRI. We compared the functional parameters derived from full and undersampled data in Cartesian and radial MRI by means of Bland-Altman plots. We found that the scan time for the whole heart could be reduced to 2 min with Cartesian sampling and to 1 min with radial sampling. Despite a reduction in the signal-to-noise ratio, the accuracy in the estimation of left and right ventricular volumes was preserved for all tested subjects. This method can be used to perform accurate functional MRI examinations in mice for high-throughput phenotyping or translational studies.
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01 Jun 2014
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