H Ariffin, ASL Chan, L Oh, S Abd-Ghafar, GB Ong, M Mohamed, H Razali, E Juraida, SH Teo, M Karsa, J Shamsani, P Hainaut
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Clin Genet
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Type of cancer and age of onset in individuals with inherited aberrations in the tumour suppressor gene TP53 are variable, possibly influenced by genetic modifiers and different environmental exposure. Since 2009, the modified Chompret criteria (MCC) have been used to identify individuals for TP53 mutation screening. Using the TP53 mutation database maintained by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), we investigated if the MCC, mainly developed for a Caucasian population, was also applicable in Asia. We identified several differences in Asian families compared with similar Caucasian cohorts, suggesting that identification and management of Li-Fraumeni syndrome in Asia do not completely mirror that of North America and Western Europe. Early gastric cancer (<40 years) may be considered a new addition to the MCC especially for Asian families.
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01 Nov 2015
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