R Lyne, R Smith, K Rutherford, M Wakeling, A Varley, F Guillier, H Janssens, W Ji, P Mclaren, P North, D Rana, T Riley, J Sullivan, X Watkins, M Woodbridge, K Lilley, S Russell, M Ashburner, K Mizuguchi, G Micklem
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Genome Biol
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FlyMine is a data warehouse that addresses one of the important challenges of modern biology: how to integrate and make use of the diversity and volume of current biological data. Its main focus is genomic and proteomics data for Drosophila and other insects. It provides web access to integrated data at a number of different levels, from simple browsing to construction of complex queries, which can be executed on either single items or lists.
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31 Aug 2007
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