R Woitek, PC Brugger, U Asenbaum, J Furtner, D Prayer
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CLINICAL/METHODICAL ISSUE: Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of fetal thoracic and abdominal malformations. STANDARD RADIOLOGICAL METHODS: Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODICAL INNOVATIONS: In cases of suspected pathologies based on fetal ultrasound MRI can be used for more detailed examinations and can be of assistance in the differential diagnostic process. PERFORMANCE: Improved imaging of anatomical structures and of the composition of different tissues by the use of different MRI sequences. ACHIEVEMENTS: Fetal MRI has become a part of clinical routine in thoracic and abdominal malformations and is the basis for scientific research in this field. PRACTICAL RECOMMENDATIONS: In cases of thoracic or abdominal malformations fetal MRI provides important information additional to ultrasound to improve diagnostic accuracy, prognostic evaluation and surgical planning.
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01 Feb 2013
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Ramona Woitek