A Rajan, A Berns, U Ringborg, J Celis, B Ponder, C Caldas, D Livingston, RG Bristow, TT Hecht, T Tursz, H van Luenen, P Bono, T Helander, K Seamon, JF Smyth, D Louvard, A Eggermont, WH van Harten
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Mol Oncol
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Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs) serve as critical drivers for improving cancer survival. In Europe, we have developed an Excellence Designation System (EDS) consisting of criteria to assess "excellence" of CCCs in translational research (bench to bedside and back), with the expectation that many European CCCs will aspire to this status.
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Ponder Group, Caldas Group
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31 May 2016
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