O Kaidar-Person, B Vrou Offersen, S Hol, M Arenas, C Aristei, C Bourgier, M Joao Cardoso, B Chua, CE Coles, T Engberg Damsgaard, D Gabrys, R Jagsi, R Jimenez, AM Kirby, C Kirkove, Y Kirova, V Kouloulias, T Marinko, I Meattini, I Mjaaland, G Nader Marta, P Witt Nystrom, E Senkus, T Skyttä, TF Tvedskov, K Verhoeven, P Poortmans
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Radiother Oncol
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Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) rates after mastectomy are increasing. Postmastectomy radiation therapy (PMRT) contouring guidelines for target volumes in the setting of IBR are lacking. Therefore, many patients who have had IBR receive PMRT to target volumes similar to conventional simulator-based whole breast irradiation. The aim of this paper is to describe delineation guidelines for PMRT after implant-based IBR based on a thorough understanding of the surgical procedures, disease stage, patterns of recurrence and radiation techniques. They are based on a consensus endorsed by a global multidisciplinary group of breast cancer experts.
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30 Apr 2019
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