MV Kuleshov, MR Jones, AD Rouillard, NF Fernandez, Q Duan, Z Wang, S Koplev, SL Jenkins, KM Jagodnik, A Lachmann, MG McDermott, CD Monteiro, GW Gundersen, A Ma'ayan
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Nucleic Acids Res
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Enrichment analysis is a popular method for analyzing gene sets generated by genome-wide experiments. Here we present a significant update to one of the tools in this domain called Enrichr. Enrichr currently contains a large collection of diverse gene set libraries available for analysis and download. In total, Enrichr currently contains 180 184 annotated gene sets from 102 gene set libraries. New features have been added to Enrichr including the ability to submit fuzzy sets, upload BED files, improved application programming interface and visualization of the results as clustergrams. Overall, Enrichr is a comprehensive resource for curated gene sets and a search engine that accumulates biological knowledge for further biological discoveries. Enrichr is freely available at:
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30 Jun 2016
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Simon Koplev