S Nougaret, M Horta, E Sala, Y Lakhman, I Thomassin-Naggara, A Kido, G Masselli, N Bharwani, E Sadowski, A Ertmer, M Otero-Garcia, RA Kubik-Huch, TM Cunha, A Rockall, R Forstner
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Eur Radiol
OBJECTIVES: To update the 2009 ESUR endometrial cancer guidelines and propose strategies to standardize image acquisition, interpretation and reporting for endometrial cancer staging with MRI. METHODS: The published evidence-based data and the opinion of experts were combined using the RAND-UCLA Appropriateness Method and formed the basis for these consensus guidelines. The responses of the experts to 81 questions regarding the details of patient preparation, MR imaging protocol, image interpretation and reporting were collected, analysed and classified as "RECOMMENDED" versus "NOT RECOMMENDED" (if at least 80% consensus among experts) or uncertain (if less than 80% consensus among experts). RESULTS: Consensus regarding patient preparation, MR image acquisition, interpretation and reporting was determined using the RAND-UCLA Appropriateness Method. A tailored MR imaging protocol and a standardized report were recommended. CONCLUSIONS: These consensus recommendations should be used as a guide for endometrial cancer staging with MRI. KEY POINTS: • MRI is recommended for initial staging of endometrial cancer. • MR imaging protocol should be tailored based on the risk of lymph node metastases. • Myometrial invasion is best assessed using combined axial-oblique T2WI, DWI and contrast-enhanced imaging. • The mnemonic "Clinical and MRI Critical TEAM" summarizes key elements of the standardized report.
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30 Jun 2018
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