S Pacey, MJ Ratain, KT Flaherty, SB Kaye, L Cupit, EK Rowinsky, C Xia, PJ O'Dwyer, IR Judson
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Invest New Drugs
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AIM: Phase II multi-disease randomized discontinuation trial to assess the safety and efficacy of sorafenib including patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma (STS). METHODS: Sorafenib (400 mg twice daily) was initially administered for 12 weeks. Patients with: ≥25% tumour shrinkage continued sorafenib; ≥25% tumour growth discontinued; other patients were randomized and received sorafenib or placebo. RESULTS: Twenty-six patients (median age 55 years) were enrolled. Common drug-related adverse events, including fatigue, hand-foot skin reaction, rash or gastrointestinal disturbances, were manageable, reversible and generally low grade. Fatigue, skin toxicity, nausea, diarrhoea and hypertension occurred at grade ≥3 in 19% of patients. After 12 weeks eight (31%) patients had not progressed. Three patients who experienced tumour shrinkage and continued on sorafenib, and five (19%) were randomized either to continue sorafenib or to receive placebo. Of the three patients randomized to sorafenib, one achieved a partial response and two had SD. Overall one patient achieved a partial response and three further patients achieved minor responses. CONCLUSIONS: There was evidence of disease activity in STS as defined by tumor regressions including one objective partial response. Further investigation in STS is warranted.
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01 Jun 2011
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