N Martín-Pintado, M Yahyaee-Anzahaee, GF Deleavey, G Portella, M Orozco, MJ Damha, C González
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J Am Chem Soc
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Human telomeric DNA quadruplexes can adopt different conformations in solution. We have found that arabinose, 2'F-arabinose, and ribose substitutions stabilize the propeller parallel G-quadruplex form over competing conformers, allowing NMR structural determination of this particularly significant nucleic acid structure. 2'F-arabinose substitution provides the greatest stabilization as a result of electrostatic (F-CH---O4') and pseudo-hydrogen-bond (F---H8) stabilizing interactions. In contrast, 2'F-rG substitution provokes a dramatic destabilization of the quadruplex structure due to unfavorable electrostatic repulsion between the phosphate and the 2'-F.
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10 Apr 2013
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