JH Rogers, T Ciossek, A Ullrich, E West, M Hoare, EM Muir
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Brain Res Mol Brain Res
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EphA7 is a receptor tyrosine kinase of the Eph family. We have mapped EphA7 immunoreactivity and ligand binding in mouse embryo heads and developing brain. Immunoreactivity for the full-length receptor is found in all the cell populations that express EphA7 mRNA. In particular, it is located on growing axons from EphA7-expressing neurons, both in the trigeminal nerve and in developing brain. In many cases it persists in terminal fields in adult brain. Ligand is detected in a largely complementary distribution in embryos, but is surprisingly weak or undetectable in the target regions of many EphA7-positive axons postnatally.
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30 Nov 1999
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