RM Landsvater, CG Mathew, BA Smith, EM Marcus, GJ te Meerman, CJ Lips, RA Geerdink, Y Nakamura, BA Ponder, CH Buys
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In MEN2A both familial and sporadic cases are known. The familial cases show a dominant pattern of inheritance. In these respects, MEN2A resembles other tumors in whose etiology so-called tumor suppressor genes play a decisive role. The MEN2A locus has been assigned to chromosome 10 by linkage studies. Analysis of tumor DNA from 42 patients shows that markers on chromosome 10 were lost in only one tumor. Thus, these results contrast with previous studies which show that tumor development is generally associated with the loss of the whole or substantial parts of the chromosome on which the putative tumor suppressor gene is located.
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Ponder Group
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01 Apr 1989
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