MA Nagai, L Yamamoto, S Salaorni, MM Pacheco, MM Brentani, EM Barbosa, RR Brentani, S Mazoyer, SA Smith, BA Ponder
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Genes Chromosomes Cancer
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Linkage studies have indicated that a gene on chromosome arm 17q, designated BRCA1, confers susceptibility to familial breast and ovarian cancer. To investigate the possible involvement of the BRCA1 gene in sporadic breast cancer we have analysed loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in a panel of 100 sporadic primary breast tumours using 10 PCR-based polymorphic markers from 17q12-21. Allele losses were detected in 40 of 100 tumours informative for at least one of the markers analysed. Of these 40 deleted tumours, 27 showed partial or interstitial loss on 17q. The pattern of LOH in the tumours with partial or interstitial LOH revealed three putative distinct deleted regions on 17q12-21. The first lies on the proximal long arm between D17S250 and THRA1; the second one lies between D17S776 and D17S579, the region containing the BRCA1 gene; and the third is telomeric to D17S733. The most frequently deleted region overlaps with the minimal region containing the BRCA1 gene, suggesting that this gene might also be associated with the development or progression of a proportion of sporadic breast tumours.
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Ponder Group
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01 Sep 1994
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