EB Claus, M Abdel-Wahab, PC Burger, HH Engelhard, DW Ellison, N Gaiano, DH Gutmann, DA Heck, EC Holland, GI Jallo, C Kruchko, LE Kun, BL Maria, Z Rumboldt, D Seminara, GM Spinella, L Stophel, R Wechsler-Reya, M Wrensch, RJ Gilbertson
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J Neurosurg Spine
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The relative rarity of spinal cord tumors has hampered the study of these uncommon nervous system malignancies. Consequently, the understanding of the fundamental biology and optimal treatment of spinal cord tumors is limited, and these cancers continue to inflict considerable morbidity and mortality in children and adults. As a first step to improving the outcome of patients affected with spinal cord tumors, the National Institutes of Health Office of Rare Diseases Research in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke convened a workshop to discuss the current status of research and clinical management of these tumors. The overall goal of this meeting was to initiate a process that would eventually translate fundamental basic science research into improved clinical care for this group of patients. Investigational priorities for each of these areas were established, and the opportunities for future multidisciplinary research collaborations were identified.
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Gilbertson Group
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01 Feb 2010
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