SG Piccirillo, I Spiteri, A Sottoriva, A Touloumis, S Ber, SJ Price, R Heywood, N-J Francis, KD Howarth, VP Collins, AR Venkitaraman, C Curtis, JC Marioni, S Tavaré, C Watts
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Cancer Res
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Glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive adult brain tumor, is characterized by extreme phenotypic diversity and treatment failure. Through fluorescence-guided resection, we identified fluorescent tissue in the sub-ependymal zone (SEZ) of patients with glioblastoma. Histologic analysis and genomic characterization revealed that the SEZ harbors malignant cells with tumor-initiating capacity, analogous to cells isolated from the fluorescent tumor mass (T). We observed resistance to supramaximal chemotherapy doses along with differential patterns of drug response between T and SEZ in the same tumor. Our results reveal novel insights into glioblastoma growth dynamics, with implications for understanding and limiting treatment resistance.
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Marioni Group, Tavaré Group
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01 Jan 2015
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