O Ziv, MM Gabryelska, ATL Lun, LFR Gebert, J Sheu-Gruttadauria, LW Meredith, Z-Y Liu, CK Kwok, C-F Qin, IJ MacRae, I Goodfellow, JC Marioni, G Kudla, EA Miska
Journal name: 
Nat Methods
The structural flexibility of RNA underlies fundamental biological processes, but there are no methods for exploring the multiple conformations adopted by RNAs in vivo. We developed cross-linking of matched RNAs and deep sequencing (COMRADES) for in-depth RNA conformation capture, and a pipeline for the retrieval of RNA structural ensembles. Using COMRADES, we determined the architecture of the Zika virus RNA genome inside cells, and identified multiple site-specific interactions with human noncoding RNAs.
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31 Aug 2018
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