SE Whitham, G Murphy, P Angel, HJ Rahmsdorf, BJ Smith, A Lyons, TJ Harris, JJ Reynolds, P Herrlich, AJ Docherty
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Biochem J
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A comparison of the cDNA-derived amino acid sequences of human stromelysin and collagenase with the N-terminal sequences of purified enzymes reveals that these metalloproteinases are highly conserved and that they are secreted as proenzymes. A putative zinc-binding site was identified by its homology with the zinc-chelating sequence of thermolysin. These sequences permitted the identification of: transin, a protein induced in rat fibroblasts either exposed to growth factors or transformed by oncogenic viruses, as the rat homologue of stromelysin, and XHF1, a protein induced in human fibroblasts after treatment with tumourigenic agents, as collagenase.
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30 Nov 1986
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