FA Gallagher, KY Tay, SL Vowler, H Szutowicz, JJ Cross, DJ McAuley, NM Antoun
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Br J Radiol
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OBJECTIVES: Demand for out-of-hours cranial CT imaging is increasing and some departments have considered addressing this shortfall by allowing non-radiologists to provisionally report imaging studies. The aim of this work was to assess whether it is appropriate for non-radiologists to report head CTs by comparing the misreporting rates of those who regularly report head CTs with two groups of non-radiologists who do not usually report them: neuroradiographers and emergency doctors. METHODS: 62 candidates were asked to report 30 head CTs, two-thirds of which were abnormal, and the results were compared by non-parametric statistical analysis. RESULTS: There was no evidence of a difference in the score between neuroradiographers, neuroradiologists and general consultant radiologists. Neuroradiographers scored significantly higher than senior radiology trainees, and the emergency doctors scored least well. CONCLUSION: The results of this preliminary study show that appropriately trained neuroradiographers are competent at reporting the range of abnormalities assessed with this test and that their misreporting rates are similar to those who already independently report these studies.
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01 Nov 2011
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