M Ghaedi, CA Steer, I Martinez-Gonzalez, TYF Halim, N Abraham, F Takei
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Cell Rep
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All lymphocytes are thought to develop from common lymphoid progenitors (CLPs). However, lymphoid-primed multipotent progenitors (LMPPs) are more efficient than CLPs in differentiating into T cells and group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s). Here, we have divided LMPPs into CD127(-) (LMPP-s) and CD127(+) (LMPP+s) subsets and compared them with Ly6D(-) and Ly6D(+) CLPs. Adult LMPP+s differentiated into T cells and ILCs more rapidly and efficiently than other progenitors in transplantation assays. The development of T cells and ILC2s is highly active in the neonatal period. Neonatal CLPs are rare and, unlike prominent neonatal LMPP+s, do not efficiently differentiate into T cells and ILC2s. ILC2s generated in the neonatal period are long lived and persist in adult tissues. These results suggest that some ILCs and T cells may develop from LMPP+s via CLP-independent pathways.
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Halim Group
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19 Apr 2016
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