GY Di Veroli, C Fornari, D Wang, S Mollard, JL Bramhall, FM Richards, DI Jodrell
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MOTIVATION: Many drug combinations are routinely assessed to identify synergistic interactions in the attempt to develop novel treatment strategies. Appropriate software is required to analyze the results of these studies. RESULTS: We present Combenefit, new free software tool that enables the visualization, analysis and quantification of drug combination effects in terms of synergy and/or antagonism. Data from combinations assays can be processed using classical Synergy models (Loewe, Bliss, HSA), as single experiments or in batch for High Throughput Screens. This user-friendly tool provides laboratory scientists with an easy and systematic way to analyze their data. The companion package provides bioinformaticians with critical implementations of routines enabling the processing of combination data. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION: Combenefit is provided as a Matlab package but also as standalone software for Windows ( CONTACT: SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.
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Jodrell Group
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15 Sep 2016
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