AR Thierry, F Mouliere, S El Messaoudi, C Mollevi, E Lopez-Crapez, F Rolet, B Gillet, C Gongora, P Dechelotte, B Robert, M Del Rio, P-J Lamy, F Bibeau, M Nouaille, V Loriot, A-S Jarrousse, F Molina, M Mathonnet, D Pezet, M Ychou
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Nat Med
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Assessment of KRAS status is mandatory in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) before applying targeted therapy. We describe here a blinded prospective study to compare KRAS and BRAF mutation status data obtained from the analysis of tumor tissue by routine gold-standard methods and of plasma DNA using a quantitative PCR-based method specifically designed to analyze circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA). The mutation status was determined by both methods from 106 patient samples. cfDNA analysis showed 100% specificity and sensitivity for the BRAF V600E mutation. For the seven tested KRAS point mutations, the method exhibited 98% specificity and 92% sensitivity with a concordance value of 96%. Mutation load, expressed as the proportion of mutant alleles in cfDNA, was highly variable (0.5-64.1%, median 10.5%) among mutated samples. CfDNA was detected in 100% of patients with mCRC. This study shows that liquid biopsy through cfDNA analysis could advantageously replace tumor-section analysis and expand the scope of personalized medicine for patients with cancer.
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01 Apr 2014
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