RJ Webb, AL Lawson, DE Neal
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Br J Urol
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We report the results of clean intermittent self-catheterisation (CISC) in 172 adults (68 male, 104 female). Seven patients were unable or unwilling to master the technique and 145 still remain on CISC, representing a total experience of 6981 patient-months. Ten patients required readmission: 5 for retraining and 5 for complications (average hospital stay 2.4 days); 123/163 patients catheterised themselves every 3 to 4 h and 92 were continent on CISC; of the 107 patients incontinent prior to starting CISC, 101 were improved; 70 patients had no infections whilst on CISC, the mean infection rate being 1 per 14 patient-months; 29% of patients experienced persistent urethral bleeding; 156/163 patients were satisfied or very satisfied with CISC and 140 found the technique easy or very easy; 76 patients had never visited their GP for a urinary problem whilst using CISC and the mean rate was 1 visit per 8 patient-months. CISC is an easily learnt technique that is safe and acceptable to patients, and one which places few extra burdens on hospital or community resources.
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01 Jan 1990
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