GH Schmidt, MM Wilkinson, BA Ponder
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The cell migration pathway in the intestinal epithelium of DDK in equilibrium C57BL/6JLac mouse chimeras is demonstrated using Dolichos biflorus agglutinin-peroxidase as strain-specific marker. Cell sheets of one genotype extend in relatively straight lines from crypt to villus apex. Narrow sheets are mostly interrupted in the distal two-thirds of duodenal but not ileal villi, suggesting that in the duodenum cell loss occurs below the apical extrusion zone. These differences between duodenum and ileum correspond to differences in villus shape. The pattern of cell migration in Peyer's patch epithelium is consistent with that of the duodenum. In chimeric colon, sharply demarcated territories of crypts with a narrow cuff of surface epithelium represent the counterpart of the villus/crypt unit of the small intestine.
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Ponder Group
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01 Feb 1985
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Bruce Ponder