CJC Cash, CE Coles, GM Treece, AD Purushotham, P Britton, R Sinnatamby, AH Gee, RW Prager
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Formal ethical approval was granted by the local research ethics committee; all participants gave written consent. The purpose of the study was to prospectively evaluate the feasibility of a noninvasive method of breast tumor localization in 25 participants, based on the coregistration of three-dimensional (3D) ultrasonographic (US) data with surface contour data obtained by using a 3D laser camera. The tumor is segmented from the US data, and a surface-rendered 3D image of the tumor, in relation to the breast surface contour, is produced. From a personal computer in the operating room, the surgeon can dynamically view a 3D image of the tumor within the breast. This noninvasive method was equivalent to conventional techniques in 18 of 25 patients but was less successful in larger-breasted patients. In selected patients, this localization method could provide an alternative to conventional invasive techniques and can offer both spatial localization and tumor morphology.
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01 Nov 2007
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Charlotte Coles