MJ Dunning, ML Smith, ME Ritchie, S Tavaré
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UNLABELLED: The R/Bioconductor package beadarray allows raw data from Illumina experiments to be read and stored in convenient R classes. Users are free to choose between various methods of image processing, background correction and normalization in their analysis rather than using the defaults in Illumina's; proprietary software. The package also allows quality assessment to be carried out on the raw data. The data can then be summarized and stored in a format which can be used by other R/Bioconductor packages to perform downstream analyses. Summarized data processed by Illumina's; BeadStudio software can also be read and analysed in the same manner. AVAILABILITY: The beadarray package is available from the Bioconductor web page at A user's guide and example data sets are provided with the package.
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Tavaré Group
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15 Aug 2007
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Simon Tavaré