J Du, S Jablonski, TJ Yen, GJ Hannon
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Biochem Biophys Res Commun
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Alterations in the expression and activity of the centrosomal kinase, Aurora-A/STK15, affect genomic stability, disrupt the fidelity of centrosome duplication, and induce cellular transformation. A mitotic spindle-associated protein, astrin/DEEPEST, was identified as an Aurora-A interacting protein by a two-hybrid screen. Astrin and Aurora-A co-express at mitosis and co-localize to mitotic spindles. RNAi-mediated depletion of astrin abolishes the localization of Aurora-A on mitotic spindles and leads to a moderate mitotic cell cycle delay, which resembles the mitotic arrest phenotypes in siAurora-A treated cells. However, depletion of Aurora-A does not affect astrin localization, and co-depletion of both astrin and Aurora-A causes a mitotic arrest phenotype similar to depletion of siAurora-A alone. These results suggest that astrin acts upstream of Aurora-A to regulate its mitotic spindle localization.
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Hannon Group
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30 May 2008
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