NHGM Peters, AJ Patterson, G Horan, D Gregory, E Sala
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Br J Radiol
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OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study are to assess the extent of ovarian movement on consecutive MRI examinations in patients with gynaecological malignancies and to define potential safety volumes around the ovaries that may avoid ovarian ablation during pelvic irradiation. METHODS: Patients with cervical, vaginal and endometrial cancer who underwent MRI examinations of the pelvis before and during radiotherapy were included in the study. The position of the ovaries was retrospectively determined on two consecutive axial and sagittal T(2) weighted MRI examinations of the pelvis. Ovarian movement was determined in craniocaudal, anteroposterior and mediolateral directions. Safety volumes were calculated by computing elliptical volumes based on the derived 95% and 99% reference intervals. RESULTS: 30 patients with a gynaecological malignancy were included. Both ovaries could be identified on the MRI examinations in all cases. The safety volumes around the ovaries encompassing 95% and 99% of ovarian movement were 11 and 25 cm(3) (95%), and 24 and 54 cm(3) (99%), for the left and right ovary, respectively. CONCLUSION: Adding a safety volume around the ovaries may reduce the high radiation dose to the ovaries. This could potentially avoid ovarian ablation, reducing significant fertility morbidity.
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31 Oct 2012
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