KS Opstad, JR Griffiths, BA Bell, FA Howe
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J Magn Reson Imaging
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PURPOSE: To determine T(2) relaxation times of lipid and macromolecules (Lip/MMs) observed by (1)H magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((1)H MRS) of metastases (MET) and glioblastomas (GBM), so that they may be better characterized. MATERIALS AND METHODS: (1)H spectra were acquired at multiple echo times from brain lesions using point-resolved spectroscopy sequence (PRESS) at TE = 30 msec either with metabolite-nulling (six GBM and 11 MET), or without metabolite-nulling (four MET and one mucocele). All lesions were previously untreated and had subsequent histopathological classification. RESULTS: The T(2) of the 1.3-ppm Lip/MM peak was concentration-dependent, but at high concentrations it was significantly different (P = 0.015) between GBM (42 +/- 6 msec) and MET (63 +/- 18 msec). The broad 2.05-ppm and 0.09-ppm Lip/MM peaks had similar T(2)s in MET and GBM. The T(2) of the narrow 2.05-ppm Lip/MM peak sometimes observed had a T(2) of 100 +/- 17 msec in MET and 75 msec in the mucocele. CONCLUSION: We observed significantly higher T(2) of the 1.3-ppm Lip/MM peak in MET compared with GBM at high 1.3-ppm proton concentrations, in agreement with a higher 1.3/0.9-ppm peak ratio found in MET. The relatively long T(2) of the 2.05-ppm Lip/MM peak sometimes observed in MET may cause it to be confused with N-acetyl aspartate (NAA).
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31 Jan 2008
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