DT Fearon
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Clin Exp Immunol
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86 Suppl 1:43-46
CR1 and CR2 have served as unusual probes for the analysis of the two major functions of the immune system involving inflammation and the immune response, respectively. CR1, or some construct containing its active site SCRs, may find a role in the therapy of complement-dependent tissue injury, and may be used to define which diseases are caused by the inappropriate or excessive activation of this system. Although soluble forms of CR2 may be shown to have potential clinical utility when foreign antigen is given prospectively, as in monoclonal antibody therapy, perhaps the most important finding emanating from the analysis of this receptor is the recognition of a previously unrecognized membrane protein complex whose role in B cell development is yet to be determined. It is reasonable to predict that the function of the CD19 complex will be significant as it serves as the link between two evolutionarily distinct systems that share a common purpose of anti-microbial host defense.
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01 Oct 1991
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