EL Jackson, N Willis, K Mercer, RT Bronson, D Crowley, R Montoya, T Jacks, DA Tuveson
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Genes Dev
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Adenocarcinoma of the lung is the most common form of lung cancer, but the cell of origin and the stages of progression of this tumor type are not well understood. We have developed a new model of lung adenocarcinoma in mice harboring a conditionally activatable allele of oncogenic K-ras. Here we show that the use of a recombinant adenovirus expressing Cre recombinase (AdenoCre) to induce K-ras G12D expression in the lungs of mice allows control of the timing and multiplicity of tumor initiation. Through the ability to synchronize tumor initiation in these mice, we have been able to characterize the stages of tumor progression. Of particular significance, this system has led to the identification of a new cell type contributing to the development of pulmonary adenocarcinoma.
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30 Nov 2001
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