R Baird, I Banks, D Cameron, J Chester, H Earl, M Flannagan, A Januszewski, R Kennedy, S Payne, E Samuel, H Taylor, R Agarwal, S Ahmed, C Archer, R Board, J Carser, E Copson, D Cunningham, R Coleman, A Dangoor, G Dark, D Eccles, C Gallagher, A Glaser, R Griffiths, G Hall, M Hall, D Harari, M Hawkins, M Hill, P Johnson, A Jones, T Kalsi, E Karapanagiotou, Z Kemp, J Mansi, E Marshall, A Mitchell, M Moe, C Michie, R Neal, T Newsom-Davis, A Norton, R Osborne, G Patel, J Radford, A Ring, E Shaw, R Skinner, D Stark, S Turnbull, G Velikova, J White, A Young, J Joffe, P Selby
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The Association of Cancer Physicians in the United Kingdom has developed a strategy to improve outcomes for cancer patients and identified the goals and commitments of the Association and its members.
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31 Aug 2016
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