MM Seldin, S Koplev, P Rajbhandari, L Vergnes, GM Rosenberg, Y Meng, C Pan, TMN Phuong, R Gharakhanian, N Che, S Mäkinen, DM Shih, M Civelek, BW Parks, ED Kim, F Norheim, K Chella Krishnan, Y Hasin-Brumshtein, M Mehrabian, M Laakso, CA Drevon, HA Koistinen, P Tontonoz, K Reue, RM Cantor, JLM Björkegren, AJ Lusis
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Cell Metab
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Inter-tissue communication via secreted proteins has been established as a vital mechanism for proper physiologic homeostasis. Here, we report a bioinformatics framework using a mouse reference population, the Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel (HMDP), which integrates global multi-tissue expression data and publicly available resources to identify and functionally annotate novel circuits of tissue-tissue communication. We validate this method by showing that we can identify known as well as novel endocrine factors responsible for communication between tissues. We further show the utility of this approach by identification and mechanistic characterization of two new endocrine factors. Adipose-derived Lipocalin-5 is shown to enhance skeletal muscle mitochondrial function, and liver-secreted Notum promotes browning of white adipose tissue, also known as "beiging." We demonstrate the general applicability of the method by providing in vivo evidence for three additional novel molecules mediating tissue-tissue interactions.
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30 Apr 2018
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