JD Brenton, RA Drewell, S Viville, KJ Hilton, SC Barton, JF Ainscough, MA Surani
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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The H19 gene is subject to genomic imprinting because it is methylated and repressed after paternal inheritance and is unmethylated and expressed after maternal inheritance. We recently identified a 1.1-kb control element in the upstream region of the H19 gene that functions as a cis-acting silencer element in Drosophila. Here we investigate the function of this element in mice. We demonstrate that both H19-lacZ and H19-PLAP reporter transgenes can undergo imprinting with repression and hypermethylation after paternal transmission at many integration sites. However, transgenes that were deleted for the 1.1-kb silencer element showed loss of paternal repression, but they did not show marked changes in the paternal methylation of the remaining upstream region. This study demonstrates that the 1.1-kb control element identified in Drosophila is required to silence paternally transmitted H19 minitransgenes in mice.
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Brenton Group
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31 Jul 1999
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