GM Doody, LB Justement, CC Delibrias, RJ Matthews, J Lin, ML Thomas, DT Fearon
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CD22 is a membrane immunoglobulin (mIg)-associated protein of B cells. CD22 is tyrosine-phosphorylated when mIg is ligated. Tyrosine-phosphorylated CD22 binds and activates SHP, a protein tyrosine phosphatase known to negatively regulate signaling through mIg. Ligation of CD22 to prevent its coaggregation with mIg lowers the threshold at which mIg activates the B cell by a factor of 100. In secondary lymphoid organs, CD22 may be sequestered away from mIg through interactions with counterreceptors on T cells. Thus, CD22 is a molecular switch for SHP that may bias mIg signaling to anatomic sites rich in T cells.
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30 Jun 1995
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Doug Fearon