N Cook, B Basu, S Biswas, P Kareclas, C Mann, C Palmer, A Thomas, S Nicholson, B Morgan, D Lomas, B Sirohi, AP Mander, M Middleton, PG Corrie
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Eur J Cancer
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BACKGROUND: A phase 2 study of vatalanib (PTK787/ZK222584) an oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor of VEGFR 1, 2 and 3 was undertaken in patients with metastatic melanoma. METHODS: Adults with pathologically confirmed metastatic melanoma, WHO Performance status 0-2, and adequate haematological, hepatic and renal function, were treated with vatalanib until disease progression. The trial used Fleming's single stage design. RESULTS: Tumour control rate (CR+PR+SD) was 35% at 16 weeks, with objective response seen in only 1 patient. Median progression-free survival was 1.8 months (95% CI 1.8-3.7 months) and median overall survival was 6.5 months (95% CI 3.9-10.2 months). CONCLUSION: Vatalanib stabilised disease in a proportion of patients, although overall survival was disappointing.
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31 Oct 2010
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