N Nelson, M Lopez-Pelaez, A Palazon, E Poon, M De La Roche, S Barry, V Valge-Archer, RW Wilkinson, SJ Dovedi, PD Smith
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In vitro assays that evaluate CD8+ T cell-mediated cytotoxicity are important to aid in the development of novel therapeutic approaches to enhance anti-tumor immune responses. Here, we describe a novel cytotoxicity co-culture assay that circumvents the problem of highly variable allogeneic responses and obviates the constraints of HLA-restriction between effector and target cells. We show that this assay can be easily applied to a panel of tumor cell lines to provide additional insights into intrinsic drivers of sensitivity/resistance to T cell-mediated killing, and to evaluate the impact of targeted therapies on both tumor and T cell compartments.
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de la Roche Group
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01 Jan 2019
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