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Authors Research group E-pub datesort ascending Journal name Citation info
Spatial and Temporal Control of Senescence Y. Ito, M. Hoare and M. Narita Narita Group 22 Aug 2017 Trends Cell Biol n/a
A 'synthetic-sickness' screen for senescence re-engagement target... C.J. Cairney, L.S. Godwin, A.E. Bilsland, S. Burns, K.H. Stevenson, L. McGa... Narita Group 15 Aug 2017 PLoS Genet 13(8):e1006942
Multiple expression cassette exchange via TP901-1, R4, and Bxb1 integrase s... K. Tomimatsu, K. Kokura, T. Nishida, Y. Yoshimura, Y. Kazuki, M. Narita, M.... Narita Group 14 Mar 2017 FEBS Open Bio 7(3):306-17
Autophagy Detection During Oncogene-Induced Senescence Using Fluorescence M... M. Narita and M. Narita Narita Group 5 Nov 2016 Methods Mol Biol 1534():89-98
NOTCH and the two SASPs of senescence M. Hoare and M. Narita Narita Group 21 Oct 2016 Cell Cycle ():0
NOTCH1 mediates a switch between two distinct secretomes during senescence M. Hoare, Y. Ito, T.W. Kang, M.P. Weekes, N.J. Matheson, D.A. Patten, S. Sh... Bioinformatics, Histopathology, Narita Group 16 Aug 2016 Nat Cell Biol 18(9):979-92
Old cells, new tricks: chromatin structure in senescence A.J. Parry and M. Narita Narita Group 30 Mar 2016 Mamm Genome n/a
Quantitation and Identification of Thousands of Human Proteoforms Below 30 ... K.R. Durbin, L. Fornelli, R.T. Fellers, P.F. Doubleday, M. Narita and N.L. ... Narita Group 23 Jan 2016 J Proteome Res n/a
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophag... D.J. Klionsky, K. Abdelmohsen, A. Abe, M.J. Abedin, H. Abeliovich, A. Aceve... Narita Group 23 Jan 2016 Autophagy
Identification of a Selective G1-Phase Benzimidazolone Inhibitor by a Senes... A.E. Bilsland, A. Pugliese, Y. Liu, J. Revie, S. Burns, C. McCormick, C.J. ... Narita Group 18 Oct 2015 Neoplasia 17(9):704-15