Bookings – have now CLOSED for 2018

July 23 – 27, 2018

A free* intensive week of networking and valuable Bioinformatics training.
Training room will be open from 9am. Sessions run from 9:30 to 17:00
except for Friday. Lunch is included (in a seperate building – we will guide
you there)
Day 1 (July 23rd)
Introduction to Functional Genomics
Introduction (Recap) of R and Bioconductor
Principles of Experimental Design, File formats,
Quality Control and artefacts, Short Read Alignment

Day 2 (July 24th)
Introduction to RNA-seq
Importing, QC, Counting of RNA-seq data
Differential Expression
Day 3 (July 25th)
RNA-seq: Annotation and Visualisation of Differential Expression
Gene set analysis and Gene Ontology testing

Introduction to single-cell sequencing (NB Full course is an intense day-long
session as we have half a day we will present a useful subset including PCA
and access to full materials.
Day 4 (July 26th)
Introduction to ChIP-Seq, Peak Calling, Viewing ChIP-seq results in IGV
Quality control methods for ChIP-seq ,Useful software for the analysis of
genomic data, Downstream analysis of ChIP-seq
Day 5 (July 27th)
09:30 – 12:30 (half-day)
ChIP-Seq: Identifying direct targets of Transcription Factors,
Differential binding analysis Introduction to Epigenomics and Chromatin

Audience: CRUK-funded researchers and students from CRUK Centres and Institutes, and CRUK Cambridge Centre members (To enquire about
becoming a member please visit here).

Theme: Functional Genomics

Pre-requisite skills:
Many of the courses presented will use the Linux Command line and the R statistical package. If you do not have this familiarity, then you are strongly advised to acquire it – some suggestions for suitable self-paced learning resources will be found on the course objectives page

Date: 23 – 27 July 2018

Location: Bioinformatics Training Room, Craik-Marshall Building

Accommodation: Downing College (available for those outside Cambridge from 22 July)

Any queries to Mark Fernandes

Booking is now ***CLOSED*** – we will contact you to confirm your place by close
of play on the 22nd June. Please note revised booking dates
as we have brought things forward to facilitate booking travel etc.

* Except for travel and some subsistence costs