Lab FAQ:

Can I access the Genomics Core if I’m not from the Institute?

We are not a commercial facility, therefore our services are not normally available outside of the CRUK Cambridge Institute and rarely outside University of Cambridge. The following further restrictions apply:

  • Library Preparation, Experimental Design Services and Equipment access: these services are only available to researchers within the CRUK CI except in exceptional circumstances
  • Next Generation Sequencing: our NGS service is available for several University Institutes & Departments (see full list below). Sometimes we have spare capacity and can offer sequencing to other researchers within the University of Cambridge. If you would like to request one-off sequencing, please .
    • Collaborated Institutes with access to NGS services:
      • Gurdon Institute
      • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
      • MRC Cancer Unit
      • MRC single-cell infrastructure
      • Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
      • Department of Haematology
      • Institute of Metabolic Sciences
      • Stem Cell Institute
      • Centre for Cancer Epidemiology
      • Astra Zeneca