We offer advice on experimental design and statistics and perform data processing and analysis, working collaboratively with our colleagues in CRUK CI research groups.

Bioinformatics analysis support

We are supporting research projects that employ a range of technologies including genomic sequencing, quantitative proteomics and CRISPR genome editing.

Areas of expertise:

  • RNA-seq differential expression
  • ChIP-seq differential binding
  • Single cell RNA-seq
  • Quantitative proteomics analysis of Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) data
  • Cancer mutation calling
  • CRISPR gene editing - guide design for knock-ins, amplicon sequencing for clone selection
  • Small RNA quantification
  • Hi-C analysis of DNA-DNA interactions
  • Methylation analysis

Experimental design

We encourage CRUK CI research scientists to engage with us early on in the experimental process by meeting with us to discuss the design of their experiments. Experimental design meetings held weekly on Tuesday afternoons for genomic sequencing projects and Friday mornings for quantitative proteomics help to ensure that the experiments are set up optimally to address the scientific questions of interest. These meetings bring together expertise from our Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics core facilities along with experience gained across many projects covering a wide range of experiment types.

Statistics support

TODO: some info on statistics support


Training is an important part of our remit and we are delivering this mainly in the form of one- and two-day training courses with an emphasis on hands-on, practical-based learning. Our aim is to enable biologists within the institute to take greater control of the data they are generating.

Software development and large-scale data processing

We are actively involved in processing increasingly large volumes of data and develop computational analysis workflows to carry these out efficiently on high-performance computing platforms. Many of our tools and pipelines are publicly available and open source.

Working with other CRUK CI core facilities

Working closely with the Genomics Core, we are responsible for a fully-automated pipeline that takes data from Illumina sequencing instruments, carries out the primary data processing and quality control and delivers these data to several institutes and departments within the University.

TODO: CRISPR pipeline infrastructure