Matt joined the CRUK CI in December 2007 as Head of the Bioinformatics Core.

Matt originally studied chemistry, completing both a first degree and a D.Phil. in computational chemistry at the University of Oxford. He began his working life at Proteus Molecular Design, a company specializing in computer-aided drug design, before moving into bioinformatics at the European Bioinformatics Institute as part of the Industry Support Programme. En route to CRUK CI, he gained over 10 years commercial software development experience at Synomics, LSIS and Biowisdom, consulting on and delivering enterprise data management systems to several major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Matt particularly enjoys coding in Java, Ruby and R. He has developed MGA, a contaminant screening QC tool for sequencing data, and various analysis pipelines for calling variants in cancer samples and circulating DNA. He has also had considerable fun creating web applications in R with Shiny, to support our training coursesand for providing access to data resources created by CRUK CI labs (BCaPE), as well as deploying these using Docker and Singularity. He contributes to and helps run training courses in cancer genome analysis, R, Dockerand Shiny.