CRUK Cambridge Centre Bioinformatics Summer School 2019

Each year the CRUK Cambridge Centre* funds a Bioinformatics Summer School. This years  week-long intensive School will take place on Downing Site, Cambridge from 15-19 July.

The Schools training courses will be delivered at the Craik-Marshall buildings purpose-built training room.

This School is offered free to all CRUK Cambridge Centre members and to any CRUK-funded colleagues outside of Cambridge, who are also eligible to attend the course for free (including accommodation at Downing College from Sunday – Thursday inclusive) as the Cambridge Centre also generously funds accommodation costs for those CRUK-funded students travelling from outside of Cambridge.
Successful applicants will only have to cover their travel and evening subsistence costs

The CRUK Cambridge Centre is a dynamic collaboration of researchers, clinicians, and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries based in the Cambridge area. We combine world-class science and technology with excellent patient care to pioneer new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.


I think the live coding sessions in all sections were great, the best was when the presenters went through live with us and discussed the importance and relevance of different steps and parts of the code

I like how researchers from UK can interlink and connect to each other. I have made friends whom i can connect with them in the future. As far as the explanation and class are concerned i really like Linear modelling class

I really enjoyed the ChIP-seq sessions, and the social activities were great as well, it was a fun week!

The teaching staff is comprised of experienced trainers from the CRUK Cambridge Institute (many from the Bioinformatics Core Facility) and from the Hutchinson MRC Research Centre.

Given its popularity, we are repeating last years theme of Functional Genomics.
Subject to reviews by trainers meetings, it will include sessions on:  Introduction to Functional Genomics, Experimental Design, Next Generation Sequence File formats and reads assembly, Bulk RNASeq and a broad-based ChIPseq course including material on ATACseq.

As well as learning new skills, the Summer school provides a valuable opportunity to network with fellow researchers. On the Sunday evening before the course starts, we usually have a meet and greet at a nearby pub.
During the week, we will have a Course dinner at Downing College.
Past Summer schools have also featured a  punting session on the Cam. 
If you are interested in applying for one of the 46 available places, then please apply using the form here.
If you have any queries about applying please e-mail

Applications have closed

Applications close on 11/06/2019. We will assess all applications at that point and will let you know if you have been successful by 17/06/2019.
Additionally, you may be also interested in the CRUK Cambridge Centre Graduate Symposium which is being held on the afternoon & evening of the 19th July (after Summer School). More details and an application form can be found here.