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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute University of Cambridge Li Ka Shing Centre Robinson Way Cambridge CB2 0RE

Comprehensive Benchmarking and Integration of Tumour Microenvironment Cell Estimation Methods.

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2019

UVB-Induced Tumor Heterogeneity Diminishes Immune Response in Melanoma.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2019

Centriolar satellites are acentriolar assemblies of centrosomal proteins.

E-pub date: 31 May 2019

Mutational analysis identifies therapeutic biomarkers in inflammatory bowel disease-associated colorectal cancers.

E-pub date: 27 Jun 2018

The protein kinase SIK downregulates the polarity protein Par3.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2017

Heterogeneous Tumor-Immune Microenvironments among Differentially Growing Metastases in an Ovarian Cancer Patient.

E-pub date: 24 Aug 2017

Integrin-α10 Dependency Identifies RAC and RICTOR as Therapeutic Targets in High-Grade Myxofibrosarcoma.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2016

Mitochondrial DNA copy number variation across human cancers.

E-pub date: 22 Feb 2016

MutationAligner: a resource of recurrent mutation hotspots in protein domains in cancer.

E-pub date: 04 Jan 2016

Pan-Cancer Analysis of Mutation Hotspots in Protein Domains.

E-pub date: 23 Sep 2015

Genomic Classification of Cutaneous Melanoma.

E-pub date: 18 Jun 2015

Cancer immunology. Mutational landscape determines sensitivity to PD-1 blockade in non-small cell lung cancer.

E-pub date: 03 Apr 2015

Friends not foes: CTLA-4 blockade and mTOR inhibition cooperate during CD8+ T cell priming to promote memory formation and metabolic readiness.

E-pub date: 01 Mar 2015

Spatial normalization of reverse phase protein array data.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2014

Multiplatform analysis of 12 cancer types reveals molecular classification within and across tissues of origin.

E-pub date: 14 Aug 2014

KinomeXplorer: an integrated platform for kinome biology studies.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2014

The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer analysis project.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2013

Emerging landscape of oncogenic signatures across human cancers.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2013

Drug synergy screen and network modeling in dedifferentiated liposarcoma identifies CDK4 and IGF1R as synergistic drug targets.

E-pub date: 24 Sep 2013

Cell-selective labeling using amino acid precursors for proteomic studies of multicellular environments.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2013

Perturbation biology: inferring signaling networks in cellular systems.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2013

The SH2 domain interaction landscape.

E-pub date: 25 Apr 2013

Meta-analysis of heterogeneous data sources for genome-scale identification of risk genes in complex phenotypes.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2011

Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.

E-pub date: 12 Jan 2010

Kinase-specific prediction of protein phosphorylation sites.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2009

Transfection of small RNAs globally perturbs gene regulation by endogenous microRNAs.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2009

NetPhosBac – a predictor for Ser/Thr phosphorylation sites in bacterial proteins.

E-pub date: 31 Jan 2009

Linear motif atlas for phosphorylation-dependent signaling.

E-pub date: 02 Sep 2008

Motif decomposition of the phosphotyrosine proteome reveals a new N-terminal binding motif for SHIP2.

E-pub date: 31 Jan 2008

NetPhosYeast: prediction of protein phosphorylation sites in yeast.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2007

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