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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute University of Cambridge Li Ka Shing Centre Robinson Way Cambridge CB2 0RE

How and Why Are Cancers Acidic? Carbonic Anhydrase IX and the Homeostatic Control of Tumour Extracellular pH.

E-pub date: 31 May 2020

Carbonic anhydrase IX is a pH-stat that sets an acidic tumour extracellular pH in vivo.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2018

Thymidine Metabolism as a Confounding Factor for 3′-Deoxy-3′-18F-Fluorothymidine Uptake After Therapy in a Colorectal Cancer Model.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2018

Depicting changes in tumor biology in response to cetuximab mono- or combination therapy by apoptosis and proliferation imaging using 18F-ICMT-11 and 3′-Deoxy-3′-[18F]Fluorothymidine (18F-FLT) PET.

E-pub date: 24 May 2018

3′-Deoxy-3′-[18F]Fluorothymidine Uptake Is Related to Thymidine Phosphorylase Expression in Various Experimental Tumor Models.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2018

Correction to: The relationship between endogenous thymidine concentrations and [18F]FLT uptake in a range of preclinical tumour models.

E-pub date: 15 Dec 2017

Fumarate Hydratase Loss Causes Combined Respiratory Chain Defects.

E-pub date: 24 Oct 2017

Response Monitoring with [18F]FLT PET and Diffusion-Weighted MRI After Cytotoxic 5-FU Treatment in an Experimental Rat Model for Colorectal Liver Metastases.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2017

The action of β-hydroxybutyrate on the growth, metabolism and global histone H3 acetylation of spontaneous mouse mammary tumours: evidence of a β-hydroxybutyrate paradox.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2017

Exploration of human brain tumour metabolism using pairwise metabolite-metabolite correlation analysis (MMCA) of HR-MAS 1H NMR spectra.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2017

Assessment of early treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer using non-mono-exponential diffusion models: a feasibility study comparing the baseline and mid-treatment MRI examinations.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2017

Quantitative and textural analysis of magnetization transfer and diffusion images in the early detection of brain metastases.

E-pub date: 31 May 2017

Imaging biomarker roadmap for cancer studies.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2017

The relationship between endogenous thymidine concentrations and [(18)F]FLT uptake in a range of preclinical tumour models.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2016

Gemcitabine Mechanism of Action Confounds Early Assessment of Treatment Response by 3′-Deoxy-3′-[18F]Fluorothymidine in Preclinical Models of Lung Cancer.

E-pub date: 15 Dec 2016

S-2-hydroxyglutarate regulates CD8+ T-lymphocyte fate.

E-pub date: 08 Dec 2016

Response of Degarelix treatment in human prostate cancer monitored by HR-MAS 1H NMR spectroscopy.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2016

A study of the optical and polarisation properties of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells grown on a-plane and m-plane GaN substrates.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2016

Choline Kinase Alpha as an Androgen Receptor Chaperone and Prostate Cancer Therapeutic Target.

E-pub date: 31 May 2016

Effect of Radiofrequency Transmit Field Correction on Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging of the Breast at 3.0 T.

E-pub date: 31 May 2016

Multi-institutional validation of a novel textural analysis tool for preoperative stratification of suspected thyroid tumors on diffusion-weighted MRI.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2016

Multimodal MRI can identify perfusion and metabolic changes in the invasive margin of glioblastomas.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2016

Clinical trials that utilize MRS as a biomarker

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2015

Apparent diffusion coefficient is highly reproducible on preclinical imaging systems: Evidence from a seven-center multivendor study.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2015

Classification of brain tumours from MR spectra: the INTERPRET collaboration and its outcomes.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2015

Metabolomic changes during cellular transformation monitored by metabolite-metabolite correlation analysis and correlated with gene expression.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2015

Artefacts in 1H NMR-based metabolomic studies on cell cultures.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2015

Metabolism and metabolomics by MRS

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2014

Clinical trials of MRS methods

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2014

Normalization of metabolomics data with applications to correlation maps.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2014

Gemcitabine diphosphate choline is a major metabolite linked to the Kennedy pathway in pancreatic cancer models in vivo.

E-pub date: 15 Jul 2014

Dichloroacetate induces autophagy in colorectal cancer cells and tumours.

E-pub date: 15 Jul 2014

Nuclear ARRB1 induces pseudohypoxia and cellular metabolism reprogramming in prostate cancer.

E-pub date: 17 Jun 2014

Variability of Proliferation and Diffusion in Different Lung Cancer Models as Measured by 3′-Deoxy-3′-¹⁸F-Fluorothymidine PET and Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2014

Muscle metabolism and activation heterogeneity by combined 31P chemical shift and T2 imaging, and pulmonary O2 uptake during incremental knee-extensor exercise.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2013

Evaluation and immunohistochemical qualification of carbogen-induced ΔR₂ as a noninvasive imaging biomarker of improved tumor oxygenation.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2013

Noninvasive phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging predicts outcome to first-line chemotherapy in newly diagnosed patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2013

Effects of perhexiline-induced fuel switch on the cardiac proteome and metabolome.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2013

Repeatability of edited lactate and other metabolites in astrocytoma at 3T.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2012

Fluorescence-guided surgical sampling of glioblastoma identifies phenotypically distinct tumour-initiating cell populations in the tumour mass and margin.

E-pub date: 24 Jul 2012

Effects of HSP90 inhibitor 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17-AAG) on NEU/HER2 overexpressing mammary tumours in MMTV-NEU-NT mice monitored by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

E-pub date: 23 May 2012

Advanced ovarian cancer: multiparametric MR imaging demonstrates response- and metastasis-specific effects.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2012

Prospective diagnostic performance evaluation of single-voxel 1H MRS for typing and grading of brain tumours.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2012

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of cancer metabolism and response to therapy.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2012

DCE and DW MRI in monitoring response to androgen deprivation therapy in patients with prostate cancer: a feasibility study.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2012

Histone deacetylase inhibition increases levels of choline kinase α and phosphocholine facilitating noninvasive imaging in human cancers.

E-pub date: 15 Feb 2012

Griffiths, John: The first MRS of cancer – A hypothesis-directed experiment

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2011

A novel method for quantification of gemcitabine and its metabolites 2′,2′-difluorodeoxyuridine and gemcitabine triphosphate in tumour tissue by LC-MS/MS: comparison with (19)F NMR spectroscopy.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2011

Non-invasive grading of astrocytic tumours from the relative contents of myo-inositol and glycine measured by in vivo MRS.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2011

Incremental Gaussian Discriminant Analysis based on Graybill and Deal weighted combination of estimators for brain tumour diagnosis.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2011

Can localised (19)F magnetic resonance spectroscopy pharmacokinetics of 5FU in colorectal metastases predict clinical response?

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2011

MRI & MRS assessment of the role of the tumour microenvironment in response to therapy.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2011

Metabolic homeostasis is maintained in myocardial hibernation by adaptive changes in the transcriptome and proteome.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2011

Adaptation to HIF-1 deficiency by upregulation of the AMP/ATP ratio and phosphofructokinase activation in hepatomas.

E-pub date: 25 May 2011

Prostate cancer metabolite quantification relative to water in (1)H-MRSI in vivo at 3 Tesla.

E-pub date: 16 Nov 2010

Combined use of neuroradiology and 1H-MR spectroscopy may provide an intervention limiting diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2010

Dysregulation of hypoxia pathways in fumarate hydratase-deficient cells is independent of defective mitochondrial metabolism.

E-pub date: 01 Oct 2010

The altered metabolism of tumors: HIF-1 and its role in the Warburg effect.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2010

Effects of HIF-1alpha and HIF2alpha on Growth and Metabolism of Clear-Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma 786-0 Xenografts.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2010

Correlation of the intra-tumor phospholipid-related signatures determined noninvasively by phosphorus and hydrogen MR spectroscopy: An approach to increase the sensitivity and applicability of the technique to predict therapeutic outcome in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

E-pub date: 30 Apr 2010

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in ovarian cancer: Initial experience at 3 tesla in primary and metastatic disease.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2010

Ex-vivo HRMAS of adult brain tumours: metabolite quantification and assignment of tumour biomarkers.

E-pub date: 23 Mar 2010

Apparent diffusion coefficient and vascular signal fraction measurements with magnetic resonance imaging: feasibility in metastatic ovarian cancer at 3 Tesla: technical development.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2010

Correlations between in vivo (1)H MRS and ex vivo (1)H HRMAS metabolite measurements in adult human gliomas.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2010

Tri-partite complex for axonal transport drug delivery achieves pharmacological effect.

E-pub date: 20 Jan 2010

Pattern recognition of MRSI data shows regions of glioma growth that agree with DTI markers of brain tumor infiltration.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2009

Metabolic characterization of primary and metastatic ovarian cancer by 1H-MRS in vivo at 3T.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2009

Proteomics, metabolomics, and immunomics on microparticles derived from human atherosclerotic plaques.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2009

Inhibition of Hedgehog signaling enhances delivery of chemotherapy in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer.

E-pub date: 12 Jun 2009

In vivo 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy using a needle microcoil.

E-pub date: 31 May 2009

Taurine: a potential marker of apoptosis in gliomas.

E-pub date: 10 Mar 2009

Proteomic and metabolomic analysis of cardioprotection: Interplay between protein kinase C epsilon and delta in regulating glucose metabolism of murine hearts.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2009

Longitudinal in vivo susceptibility contrast MRI measurements of LS174T colorectal liver metastasis in nude mice.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2008

Effect of Gd-DTPA-BMA on choline signals of HT29 tumors detected by in vivo 1H MRS.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2008

Toward accurate quantification of metabolites, lipids, and macromolecules in HRMAS spectra of human brain tumor biopsies using LCModel.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2008

An assessment of the effects of sample ischaemia and spinning time on the metabolic profile of brain tumour biopsy specimens as determined by high-resolution magic angle spinning (1)H NMR.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2008

SREBP activity is regulated by mTORC1 and contributes to Akt-dependent cell growth.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2008

An investigation of human brain tumour lipids by high-resolution magic angle spinning 1H MRS and histological analysis.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2008

Vessel size index magnetic resonance imaging to monitor the effect of antivascular treatment in a rodent tumor model.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2008

Automated quality control protocol for MR spectra of brain tumors.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 2008

Proteomic and metabolomic analysis of smooth muscle cells derived from the arterial media and adventitial progenitors of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.

E-pub date: 09 May 2008

Noninvasive magnetic resonance spectroscopic pharmacodynamic markers of a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, LAQ824, in human colon carcinoma cells and xenografts.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2008

Combined metabolomic and proteomic analysis of human atrial fibrillation.

E-pub date: 05 Feb 2008

Apparent T(2) relaxation times of lipid and macromolecules: a study of high-grade tumor spectra.

E-pub date: 31 Jan 2008

Linear discriminant analysis of brain tumour (1)H MR spectra: a comparison of classification using whole spectra versus metabolite quantification.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2007

Susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging determination of fractional tumor blood volume: a noninvasive imaging biomarker of response to the vascular disrupting agent ZD6126.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2007

Standard reporting requirements for biological samples in metabolomics experiments: mammalian/in vivo experiments

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2007

Using metabolomics to monitor anticancer drugs.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2007

Rat tumor response to the vascular-disrupting agent 5,6-dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic acid as measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging, plasma 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid levels, and tumor necrosis.

E-pub date: 01 Mar 2006

Acute tumor response to ZD6126 assessed by intrinsic susceptibility magnetic resonance imaging.

E-pub date: 01 May 2005

Single dose of the antivascular agent, ZD6126 (N-acetylcolchinol-O-phosphate), reduces perfusion for at least 96 hours in the GH3 prolactinoma rat tumor model.

E-pub date: 01 Mar 2004

Magnetic resonance spectroscopic pharmacodynamic markers of the heat shock protein 90 inhibitor 17-allylamino,17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17AAG) in human colon cancer models.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2003

Increased tumour extracellular pH induced by Bafilomycin A1 inhibits tumour growth and mitosis in vivo and alters 5-fluorouracil pharmacokinetics.

E-pub date: 01 Mar 2003

Understanding the tumor metabolic phenotype in the genomic era.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2003

Issues in flow and oxygenation dependent contrast (FLOOD) imaging of tumours.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 2001

In-vivo intracellular pH at rest and during exercise in patients with essential hypertension.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2001

In vivo hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR spectroscopy in tumors.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2001

Issues of normal tissue toxicity in patient and animal studies–effect of carbogen breathing in rats after 5-fluorouracil treatment.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2001

Measurement of the extracellular pH of solid tumours in mice by magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a comparison of exogenous (19)F and (31)P probes.

E-pub date: 01 Dec 1999

Continuing ischemic damage after acute middle cerebral artery infarction in humans demonstrated by short-echo proton spectroscopy.

E-pub date: 01 Jun 1995

Editorial changes

E-pub date: 01 Jan 1992

Pharmacokinetic studies with the antifolate C2-desamino-C2-methyl-N10-propargyl-2′-trifluoromethyl-5,8-dideazafolic acid (CB3988) in mice and rats using in vivo 19F-NMR spectroscopy.

E-pub date: 01 Nov 1990


E-pub date: 01 Feb 1988

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