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Correction: Safety and utility of image-guided research biopsies in relapsed high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma-experience of the BriTROC consortium.

E-pub date: 28 Feb 2019

Ccube: A fast and robust method for estimating cancer cell fractions

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2018

frenchFISH: Poisson models for quantifying DNA copy-number from fluorescence in situ hybridisation of tissue sections

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2018

Neutral tumor evolution?

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2018

Copy number signatures and mutational processes in ovarian carcinoma.

E-pub date: 31 Jul 2018

Periprostatic fat tissue transcriptome reveals a signature diagnostic for high-risk prostate cancer.

E-pub date: 01 May 2018

Mapping and elucidating the function of modified bases in DNA

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2017

Base resolution maps reveal the importance of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in a human glioblastoma.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2017

Safety and utility of image-guided research biopsies in relapsed high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma-experience of the BriTROC consortium.

E-pub date: 09 May 2017

How Subclonal Modeling Is Changing the Metastatic Paradigm.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2017

Sequencing Structural Variants in Cancer for Precision Therapeutics.

E-pub date: 01 Sep 2016

Enhanced Methylation Analysis by Recovery of Unsequenceable Fragments.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2016

In vivo genome-wide profiling reveals a tissue-specific role for 5-formylcytosine.

E-pub date: 29 Jun 2016

Reduction in expression of the benign AR transcriptome is a hallmark of localised prostate cancer progression.

E-pub date: 30 Apr 2016

Methanol-based fixation is superior to buffered formalin for next-generation sequencing of DNA from clinical cancer samples.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2016

Tracking the origins and drivers of subclonal metastatic expansion in prostate cancer.

E-pub date: 01 Apr 2015

Chemical methods for decoding cytosine modifications in DNA.

E-pub date: 25 Mar 2015

5-Formylcytosine alters the structure of the DNA double helix.

E-pub date: 31 Jan 2015

The biology and genomic localization of cytosine modifications

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2014

Canonical androstenedione reduction is the predominant source of signaling androgens in hormone-refractory prostate cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2014

Chemical biology of genomic DNA: minimizing PCR bias.

E-pub date: 18 Oct 2014

Establishing and managing a global student network.

E-pub date: 01 Oct 2014

Curated microRNAs in urine and blood fail to validate as predictive biomarkers for high-risk prostate cancer.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2014

Paving the way towards a successful and fulfilling career in computational biology.

E-pub date: 01 May 2014

Socrates: identification of genomic rearrangements in tumour genomes by re-aligning soft clipped reads.

E-pub date: 31 Mar 2014

Percutaneous image-guided biopsy of prostate cancer metastases yields samples suitable for genomics and personalised oncology.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2014

Workshops: a great way to enhance and supplement a degree.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2014

Reducing the risk of false discovery enabling identification of biologically significant genome-wide methylation status using the HumanMethylation450 array.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2013

A screen for hydroxymethylcytosine and formylcytosine binding proteins suggests functions in transcription and chromatin regulation.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2013

ISCB computational biology Wikipedia competition.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2013

The regional student group program of the ISCB student council: stories from the road.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2013

The young PI buzz: learning from the organizers of the Junior Principal Investigator Meeting at ISMB-ECCB 2013.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2013

Breaking the ice and forging links: the importance of socializing in research.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2013

Ten simple rules for starting a regional student group.

E-pub date: 01 Aug 2013

Molecular profiling of human mammary gland links breast cancer risk to a p27(+) cell population with progenitor characteristics.

E-pub date: 30 Jun 2013

Selective RNA versus DNA G-quadruplex targeting by in situ click chemistry.

E-pub date: 29 Oct 2012

Genome-wide distribution of 5-formylcytosine in embryonic stem cells is associated with transcription and depends on thymine DNA glycosylase.

E-pub date: 17 Aug 2012

A non-canonical DNA structure is a binding motif for the transcription factor SP1 in vitro.

E-pub date: 01 Feb 2012

Genome-wide analysis distinguishes hyperglycemia regulated epigenetic signatures of primary vascular cells.

E-pub date: 01 Oct 2011

Differential requirement for cathepsin D for processing of the full length and C-terminal fragment of the malaria antigen MSP1.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2011

Control of olefin geometry in macrocyclic ring-closing metathesis using a removable silyl group.

E-pub date: 22 Jun 2011

An expedient synthesis of orthogonally protected lysinoalanine from Aloc-protected Garner’s aldehyde

E-pub date: 30 Nov 2010

Using Gene Ontology annotations in exploratory microarray clustering to understand cancer etiology

E-pub date: 30 Sep 2010

A bi-ordering approach to linking gene expression with clinical annotations in gastric cancer.

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2010

Targeted delivery of antigen processing inhibitors to antigen presenting cells via mannose receptors.

E-pub date: 21 May 2010

Stabilized integrin-targeting ternary LPD (lipopolyplex) vectors for gene delivery designed to disassemble within the target cell.

E-pub date: 18 Mar 2009

A voting approach to identify a small number of highly predictive genes using multiple classifiers.

E-pub date: 31 Dec 2008

New stabilising groups for lateral lithiation of ortho-cresol derivatives and a new route to 2-substituted chromans

E-pub date: 31 May 2008

Novel heparin/heparan sulfate mimics as inhibitors of HGF/SF-induced MET activation.

E-pub date: 15 Nov 2007

New stabilising groups for lateral lithiation of ortho-cresol derivatives

E-pub date: 31 Aug 2007

Synthesis of 5-aza-analogues of angucyclines: manipulation of the 2-deoxy-C-glycoside subunit

E-pub date: 31 Oct 2005

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