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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Researchers at the CRUK CI

Linking the laboratory to the clinic

The fundamental principle for research at the CRUK Cambridge Institute is to link the laboratory to the clinic, thus driving the development of new approaches to screening, prevention and treatment.

Our research is built around four themes:

  1. Basic research into the molecular and cellular biology of cancer, for example:
    • the biology of normal epithelial tissues and the early stages of cancer development;
    • the stem cells of epithelia;
    • the interactions between emerging cancer cells and normal cells;
    • the mechanisms of gene control and their disruption in cancer.
  2. Research in molecular imaging, genomics, bioinformatics and biomolecular modelling.
  3. Research focussed on specific cancer sites, which form a bridge between laboratory and clinic.
  4. Clinical investigations including experimental medicine based clinical studies and clinical trials, leading to population-based studies in screening and prevention in the longer term. These clinical and basic research themes, supported by the core facilities, intersect and tap into readily accessible clinical resources provided through Addenbrooke's Hospital.  

The research at the CI thrives on collaboration, and our researchers carry out their work with colleagues at the University, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and other institutes in Cambridge and further afield.

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