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Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Group leader

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My research applies the principles of chemistry to provide new insights into molecular mechanisms that are of importance to the biology of cancer. My group's major research area explores new ways to control cancer-causing genes that are often found to be over-active in various cancers.

We have developed methods to synthesise small drug-like molecules that have the potential to 'switch-off' cancer causing genes and by so doing, inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The drug molecules have the potential to work in a way that avoids general toxicity towards cells and may also avoid some of the drug resistance problems observed from approved cancer drugs.

At the Cambridge Research Institute (CRI), we work with clinical researchers with a view to developing these new scientific advances towards next generation cancer therapeutics.

Work address: 

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0RE

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